Perspective 2017

At certain point, the perception of the surrounding reality changes. It’s like being an active observer when the environment reflects a trip to a familiar land. I feel conscious even though I don’t have access to my memory. Which does not matter much, since I live as being who I really am, not the shadow of the lower-self. 

The childish behavior of submission, fear, vanity, sex impulse, excitement, anxiety and illusion of hopes for self indulgence is almost gone. I pay attention to not building an intellectual platform that creates justification for emotional immature reactions to any inner or outer stimuli. 

14 years on the probationary path since the awakening when I pledged myself to the Service. After four years, a new cycle of spiritual unfoldment started.

The complexity, variety and different interpretations of occult matters, hover over simple truth that is very hard to attain. The purpose is reconnecting with the higher-self and from there, to contact your Master in a conscious manner. The control of the “Astral projection” liberates you from the small concerns of the physical life. Although important – otherwise you would not be incarnated – its not the end or focus of the education and growth. Adjusting the colors of the subtle bodies through alignment with the righteousness will direct you to the Path to the Discipleship and to the Initiation. And from there it will be able to be accepted disciple. The work is to be done exclusively in transforming your own personality to reflect the inner-self in a higher emotional/mental vibration compatible with the disciples and Masters.

You don’t know what you’ll become in the future. Life is been built every day. As soon as you find your purpose, the faster you move towards connecting with the Higher Self and leave the Samsara, reaching the supra-conscious mind. Move forward one step at a time, setting small achievable goals. The quality of your goals will improve as you grow more mature and the direction may change overtime. That’s perfectly natural, even the mistakes and delays along the course of life. Try not to screw it up and waste much time. Specially your Teacher’s time and energy.

Everything comes at a price, though. You always compromise something in favor to another. Be wise putting the really important things first. Be aware that your own choices bring good and bad consequences. Understand that you cannot control everything and the painful outcome may imply a need for change. Or karma balancing. The pressure is always strong. To make the right decision, to change, to move on, to stop, to reconsider, to dare, to be cautious. The intuition shall be the right tool, but it’s difficult to trust is it is not an emotional response to anxiety or fear. Use the filter of the mind to think over and find the more rational solution. And then apply the intuition. 

What abhors is the idle time. Whenever in move, the perception is that things are happening. But the truth is that things are always moving in the right direction, as the disciple builds its way every day, conquering the place where the mind meets the higher self, transforming its colors even in silence. Specially in the quietness of the mind amid the storm. Better focus and spend time and energy on what matters. The distractions and demands of the lower self are abundant.

This may seem obvious. What changes is the understanding and the perception from a very particular stand point, when gradually you got to feel and think in a very natural way, dealing with the daily affairs with a peaceful mind. When you grow older and look back you can understand better the singularity of the time. It’s so ephemeral that implies illusion. It’s like having several incarnations in a sequence with memory. The events and feelings mount a sequence of understanding of the human life mechanics and the movements of the nature. And so expands your perception of the inner reality, realizing the aphorism “as above so below”.

One of the most interesting aspects, is that you become able to access any kind of information and knowledge with the mind. Just quiet the thoughts and formulate clearly your inquiry. You either will access the source in the subtle planes or will contact the mind of your Master that will talk to you in a very direct and clear way, opening the mind to the comprehension and giving the direction for further and deeper studies. The curiosity, interest and need for knowledge will guide the actions. 

The sequence of events and the dedication of the disciple will set the pace for the development. The course of happenings depend on the Plan and the affairs of your Master, though. Your time will come when the messenger delivers the present. The disciple may be or not be aware of what is happening. That will depend on how advanced he is at the moment to realize and understand the circumstances and his part on the process.

So important it is to have a general culture, knowledge and discernment to filter and understand the diversity of terms/vocabulary that express the same thing over a different –  most of times incomplete and distorted perspective, close or away from the true meaning. And always discuss the matter with your Master to clarify clouded subjects.

“The Solar System” – Arthur E Powell – brings the understanding of the human personalities and behavior, which answers many questions on human inequality. Broadens also, the disciple’s perspective of purpose and time to a higher level of interaction with the Master.